A hair care line as unique as your clients.

GIMME Beauty created hair care products for each unique hair type. Whether your clients have short, long, fine, thick, curly, or medium hair, GIMME Beauty offers the perfect solutions for effortless, on-the-go great hair.

With GIMME Beauty, clients can count on hair care products that are innovative, intentional and specially made to match your clients’ unique hair types. GIMME Beauty offers:

  • Durable, versatile, soft hair ties, headbands, hair bands and scrunchies that can tame the toughest manes and leave hair crease-free.
  • Hair brushes designed to be heat-resistant, breakage-reducing and ergonomic.
  • Cord-less, purse-sized styling tools so your clients can look and feel their best on-the-go.
  • Dry shampoos specially formulated for each hair unique type.
  • Products that are clean, toxin-free and contain natural ingredients.
  • Styling products infused with essential oils for mood-boosting effects and effortless, gorgeous hair.
  • Bath and shower products and accessories that make at-home styling a breeze. 

Clean, customized solutions for every client’s best hair

What is GIMME Beauty?

GIMME Beauty is disrupting the traditional hair care space by making hair care products designed for each unique hair type. By developing the perfect products of every kind of hair, we build relationships with our customers and trust in our brand

All GIMME Beauty products are made with each unique woman’s individual needs in mind. GIMME Beauty is more than a brand -- we are a community. By thinking about more than just hair, GIMME Beauty is redefining the hair care industry.

A family-owned business, GIMME Beauty treats our customers and clients like our own. We partner with other wellness retailers -- spas, gyms, boutiques and salons -- to offer your clients the most affordable, effortless and innovative hair care available today.

Why choose GIMME Beauty?

Freedom & Flexibility

Personalized Products

GIMME Beauty offers cordless, purse-sized styling tools so clients can look and feel their best, anywhere, any time. Our curling wants and straightening irons are compact and cordless with exceptional battery life and ergonomic design. And, GIMME Beauty dry shampoos give hair a quick, on-the-go boost with all-natural ingredients and essential oils.

All GIMME Beauty products and accessories are made for each unique hair type and offer solutions for even the thickest, curliest or finest heads of hair. Clients can shop GIMME Brand by their hair type to find hair ties, brushes, styling tools and accessories made just for their unique hair needs.

Clean Ingredients

Client-first company

The GIMME Beauty family believes in making, and using, products that protect our customers and the Earth. All of our products and tools use only natural, environmentally friendly ingredients, with no harmful chemicals or toxins.

GIMME Beauty is family-owned, and we operate that way. We think of our customers as family members, always considering their needs in the design and development of our products. By thinking about more than just hair, we’ve created products that our clients can trust.

Leave Bad Hair Behind with GIMME Beauty

GIMME Beauty is revolutionizing the way to take care of hair. By developing products as unique as your clients, creating solutions for even the toughest hair types and treating our customers like family, GIMME Beauty empowers wellness professionals to give their clients the most effortless, innovative, on-the-go products around.